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From our inception in 1972 at the Canmore Opera House to our current location in the welcoming oval of the Martha Cohen Theatre, Alberta Theatre Projects has served as Calgary’s home for contemporary theatre and, more importantly, a place that Canadian artists and audience members can call home. ATP began with a focus on telling stories about the history of our province and our country. Over the years, that spirit has grown and adapted to telling the stories of what it means for Canadians to be alive in the world right now.

It is the generosity of people like you that empowers Canadian artists to share so selflessly from their own experiences to tell the stories that touch lives and resonate long after all the lights have been dimmed. Your contribution extends far beyond the limits of the stage but serves to impact, influence, inspire and encourage the tens of thousands of audience members who come through our doors each year. If you are passionate for creating quality theatre, help us share the joy of live theatre.

April 14th will see us celebrating the 25th Anniversary of our Celebrity Hors d’Oeuvres event. We hope you’ll join us for Calgary’s Famous Food Frenzy!!

Thank you for your support of Alberta Theatre Projects!

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